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Eucoiline wasps of the World

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Cynipoidea; Family: Figitidae)

ClassificationCynipoidea keys

Acantheucoela Ashmead, 1900 (Neotropical)

Afrodontaspis Weld, 1961(Afrotropical)

Afrostilba Benoit, 1956 (Afrotropical)
Aganaspis Lin, 1987 (Worldwide)
Angustacorpa Quinlan, 1988 (Afrotropical)

Areaspis Lin, 1988 (Afrotropical, Oriental)


Aspidogyrus Yoshimoto, 1962 (Nearctic: Hawaii)


Banacuniculus Buffington, 2010 (Nearctic, Neotropical)

Bothrochacis Cameron, 1904 (Afrotropical, Nearctic (Hawaii), Oriental)


Caleucoela Kieffer, 1909 (Neotropical)


Chrestosema Förster, 1869 (Oriental, Palaearctic)


Coneucoela Kieffer, 1909 (Neotropical)

Cothonaspis Hartig, 1840 (Afrotropical, Holarctic)
  Delomeris Diaz & Gallardo, 1996 (Neotropical)

Dettmeria Borgmeier, 1935 (Neotropical)


Dicerataspis Ashmead, 1896 (Neotropical)

Didyctium Riley, 1879 (Worldwide)

Dieucoila Ashmead, 1903 (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Diglyphosema Förster, 1869 (Palaearctic)


Discaspis Lin, 1988 (Oriental)


Disorygma Förster, 1869 (Palaearctic, Oriental)


Ditanyomeria Yoshimoto, 1963 (Australasian)

Ealata Quinlan, 1986 (Afrotropical, Oriental)
Endecameris Yoshimoto, 1963 (Afrotropical, Australasian, Oriental, Palaearctic)

Epicoela Borgmeier, 1935 (Neotropical)


Epochresta Lin, 1988 (Oriental)


Euxestophaga Gallardo, 2017 (Neotropical)


Eucoila Westwood, 1833 (Holarctic)

  Eutrias Förster, 1869 (Holarctic)

Fontaliella Pujade-Villar, 2013 (Neotropical)

Ganaspidium Weld, 1955 (Afrotropical, Nearctic, Neotropical)
Ganaspis Förster, 1869 (Worldwide)
Garudella Buffington and Forshage, 2014 (Afrotropical, Oriental)
Gastraspis Lin, 1988 (Afrotropical, Oriental)

Glauraspidia Thomson, 1862 (Nearctic, Neotropical, Palaearctic)

Gronotoma Förster, 1869 (Worldwide)
Hexacola Förster, 1869 (Worldwide)

Humboldteria Buffington (Neotropical)


Hydrelliaeucoila Díaz & Gallardo, 2009 (Neotropical)


Hypodiranchis Ashmead, 1901 (Oceanic, Palaearctic)

Kleidotoma Westwood, 1833 (Worldwide)
Leptolamina Yoshimoto, 1962 (Afrotropical, Australasian, Oriental, Palaearctic)
Leptopilina Förster, 1869 (Worldwide)

Linaspis Lin, 1988 (Palaearctic)

Linoeucoila Lin, 1988 (Afrotropical, Oriental)

Lopheucoila Weld, 1951 (Neotropical)


Lispothyreus Yoshimoto, 1962 (Hawaii)


Maacynips Yoshimoto, 1963 (Australasian, Oceanic, Palaearctic)


Macrocereucoila Ashmead, 1887 (nomina dubia)


Marthiella Buffington, 2009 (Neotropical)

Micreriodes Yoshimoto, 1962 (Afrotropical, Australasian, Nearctic, Oriental, Palaearctic)

Microstilba Förster, 1869 (Palaearctic)


Mirandicola Belizin, 1968 (Oriental, Palaearctic)


Moneucoela Kieffer, 1907 (Neotropical)


Moritiella Buffington, 2006 (Neotropical)

Muhaka Buffington & Copeland, 2015 (Afrotropical)
Nanocthulhu Buffington, 2012 (Afrotropical)

Nesodiranchis Perkins, 1910 (Hawaii)

Nordlanderia Quinlan, 1986 (Afrotropical, Palaearctic)
  Nordlanderiana Kovalev, 1989 (Palaearctic)

Nordlandiella Díaz, 1982 (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Odonteucoila Ashmead, 1903 (Neotropical)


Odontosema Kieffer, 1909 (Neotropical)


Paradettmeria Gallardo & Díaz, 2011 (Neotropical)

Paradiglyphosema Lin, 1988 (Afrotropical, Oriental)

Paraganaspis Díaz & Gallardo, 1996 (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Pentamerocera Ashmead, 1896 (Neotropical)


Penteucoila Weld, 1951 (Neotropical)


Perischus Weld, 1931 (Neotropical)


Promiomera Ashmead, 1903 (Neotropical)


Pressia Belizin, 1968 (Palaearctic)


Preseucoela Buffington, 2002 (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Pseudodiranchis Yoshimoto, 1962 (Hawaii)


Quasimodoana Forshage, Nordlander & Ronquist, 2008 (Palaearctic, Nearctic)


Rhabdeucoela Kieffer, 1907 (Neotropical)

Rhoptromeris Förster, 1869 (Worldwide)

Sinatra Buffington, 2011 (Oceanic)


Sinochresta Lin, 1988 (Oriental)


Steleucoela Kieffer, 1908 (Neotropical)

Stentorceps Quinlan, 1984 (Afrotropical)

Striatovertex Schick, Forshage & Nordlander, 2011 (Nearctic inc. Hawaii, Neotropical)


Tetraplasta Ashmead, 1903 (nomina dubia)


Tobiasiana Kovalev, 1979 (Palaearctic)


Tropideucoila Ashmead, 1903 (Neotropical)

Trichoplasta Benoit, 1956 (Worldwide)

  Triplasta Kieffer, 1901 (Neotropical)

Trissodontaspis Ashmead, 1903 (Neotropical)

Trybliographa Förster, 1869 (Worldwide)

Weldia Yoshimoto, 1962 (Hawaii)


Zaeucoila Ashmead, 1903 (Nearctic, Neotropical)


Zamischus Ashmead, 1903 (Neotropical)




Endoparasitoids of larva and pupa of cyclorrhaphous Diptera.


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