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Stentorceps vuvuzela Nielsen & Buffington

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Cynipoidea; Family: Figitidae; Subfamily: Eucoilinae; Gneus: Stentorceps)

Stentorceps vuvuzela Nielsen & Buffington, 2011. Type in: National Museums of Kenya (NMKE).

ClassificationFigitidae keysCynipoidea keys

Diagnosis Differs from other species of Stentorceps by having a small, weakly flaring corniculum. Most easily confused with S. zuparkoi and S. weedlei, but these species have a parallel-sided corniculum (occasionally narrowing dorsally), whereas S. vuvuzela has a weak flare to its corniculum. Stentorceps tubicen, S. heimdalli and S. abbotti have larger, strongly flared cornicula and broader pyriform protuberances.

Named for the vuvuzela, a long, narrow plastic trumpet, which figured prominently at the 2010 FIFA footballWorld Cup held in South Africa. The narrow flare of the corniculum of S. vuvuzela is particularly reminiscent of this instrument.

Holotype Name registration. urn:lsid:zoobank.org:act: 5A717014-D21B-471E-A840-5C35C157E0EC. urn:lsid:biosci.ohio-state.edu:osuc_concepts: 271841

Type material. Holotype, male:KENYA: RiftValley Province: gallery forest along river, Marich Pass, 0132.18N 3527.48E, 917 m, 18.iii2.v.2007, Malaise trap, R. Copeland, USNM ENT00655762 (deposited in NMKE).
Distribution Kenya.

Link to distribution map. http://hol.osu.edu/map-full.html?id=271841




Nielsen, M. & Buffington, M. 2011. Redescription of Stentorceps Quinlan, 1984 (Hymenoptera: Figitidae), with a description of five new species. African Entomology 19: 597613.

Quinlan, J. 1984. Stentorceps, a remarkable new genus of eucoilid (Hymenoptera) from Africa. Systematic Entomology 9: 479485. urn:lsid:zoobank.org:pub: B28A151C-9622-4EAD-9C5C-B1D5668C9DB7.



Photographs Nielsen & Buffington.

Matt Buffington (Systematic Entomology Laboratory, USDA/ARS) and Mattias Forshage (Swedish Museum of Natural History) both played an integral role in the development of the Cynipoidea pages.

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