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Gall wasps

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Cynipoidea; Family: Cynipidae; Subfamily: Cynipinae)

ClassificationCynipoidea keys


Acraspis Mayr, 1881; 20 species NA

Amphibolips Reinhard, 1865; 53 species NA, NT

Andricus Hartig, 1840; ca 375 species but taxonomy is uncertain and far from stable with many more or less dubious taxa NA, PA, OR, NT


Aphelonyx Mayr, 1881; 3 species PA

Atrusca Kinsey, 1930; 59 species but taxonomy is uncertain NA, NT

Barucynips Medianero & Nieves-Aldrey, 2013; 1 species NT

Bassettia Ashmead, 1887; 9 species NA

Belizinella Kovalev, 1965; 2 species ePA

Belonocnema Mayr, 1881; 2 species NA

Biorhiza Westwood, 1840; 6 species PA, NA

Burnettweldia Pujade-Villar, Melika & Nicholls, 2021 NA

Callirhytis Förster, 1869; 80 species but taxonomy is uncertain and far from stable NA, PA


Cerroneuroterus Melika and Pujade-Villar, 2009; 9 species PA, OR

Chilaspis Mayr, 1881; 2 species wPA

Coffeeikokkos Pujade-Villar & Melika, 2012; 2 species NT

Cyclocynips Melika, Tang & Sinclair, 2013; 2 species OR

Cycloneuroterus Melika & Tang, 2011; 17 species OR, ePA

Cynips Linnaeus, 1758; ca 75 species but taxonomy is uncertain and far from stable with many more or less dubious taxa NA, PA, NT


Disholandricus Melika, Pujade-Villar & Nicholls, 2021 NA


Disholcaspis Dalla Torre & Kieffer, 1910; 55 species NA, NT

Dros Kinsey, 1937; 5 species NA

Dryocosmus Giraud, 1859; 50 species but diagnostic characters need to be revised and new genera will be erected in PA, NA, OR


Erythres Kinsey, 1937; 2 species NA

Eumayria Ashmead, 1887; 6 species NA

Eumayriella Melika & Abrahamson, 1997; 2 species NA

Femuros Kinsey, 1937; 7 species NA

Grahamstoneia Melika & Nicholls, 2021 (Nearctic)

Heteroecus Kinsey, 1922; 12 species NA

Holocynips Kieffer, 1910; 5 species NA

Kinseyella Pujade-Villar & Melika, 2010; 2 species NA

Kokkocynips Pujade-Villar & Melika, 2013; 1 species NT

Latuspina Monzen, 1954; 9 species ePA, OR

Loxaulus Mayr, 1881; 17 species NA, NT

Melikaiella Pujade-Villar, 2014; 14 species


Neuroterus Hartig, 1840; 79 species but taxonomy is uncertain and far from stable including more or less dubious taxa PA, NA, NT


Nichollsiella Melika, Pujade-Villar & Stone, 2021 NA


Odontocynips Kieffer, 1910; 3 species NA, NT

  Paracraspis Weld, 1952 NA

Philonix Fitch, 1859; 7 species NA

Phylloteras Ashmead, 1897; 9 species NA

Plagiotrochus Mayr, 1881; 22 species PA, OR


Protobalandricus Melika, Nicholls & Stone, 2018; 1 species NA

Pseudoneuroterus Kinsey, 1923; 4 species wPA

Sphaeroteras Ashmead, 1897; recently resurrected with 5 species, NA, NT

Striatoandricus Pujade-Villar, 2020

Trichagalma Mayr, 1907; 3 species ePA, OR

Trigonaspis Hartig, 1840; 22 species PA, NA

Ussuraspis Kovalev, 1965; 1 species ePA

Zapatella Pujade-Villar & Melika, 2012; 13 species NA, NT

Zopheroteras Ashmead, 1897; 6 species NA

Distribution Nearctic, Neotropical, Oriental and Palaearctic regions.
Biology Gall inducers on species of Quercus, Castanea, Castanopsis, Chrysolepis and Lithocarpus (Fagaceae), by far the largest number on oaks (Buffington et al. 2020).


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