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Afromevesia Roman

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae; Subfamily: Ichneumoninae)

Afromevesia Roman 1924. Type species: Afromevesia birungana Roman 1924.


Afromevesia albidapex (Heinrich, 1968)

  Afromevesia alternana (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia amoenops (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia bicolorapex (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia birungana Roman, 1924
  Afromevesia canzelica (Heinrich, 1968)

Afromevesia congola (Heinrich, 1968)


Afromevesia coxipuncta (Heinrich, 1968)   


Afromevesia cylindropygialis (Heinrich, 1968)


Afromevesia flavissima (Heinrich, 1968)


   Afromevesia fimbriator (Thunberg, 1822)



Afromevesia fusciscutum (Heinrich, 1968)

  Afromevesia fuscitarsis (Szépligeti, 1908)
  Afromevesia gemina (Heinrich, 1938)


Afromevesia imbuta (Heinrich, 1968)

  Afromevesia imbutops (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia inscopata (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia insulana (Heinrich, 1938)
  Afromevesia leucophthalmus (Thunberg, 1822)


Afromevesia lissoaspus (Cameron, 1905)


Afromevesia lucida (Szépligeti, 1908)


Afromevesia lucidops (Heinrich, 1968)  


Afromevesia merusilvae (Heinrich, 1968)

  Afromevesia nivosocoxa (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia obscurifrons (Heinrich, 1968)


Afromevesia peringueyi (Cameron, 1905)


Afromevesia politana (Morley, 1919)


Afromevesia pumilioniger (Heinrich, 1968)

images/Bystra_quadrata_lateral_330.jpg Afromevesia quadrata (Morley, 1916)
  Afromevesia scopatus (Heinrich, 1968)
  Afromevesia semelalba (Heinrich, 1968)


Afromevesia similis (Heinrich, 1938)

  Afromevesia stenopyga (Heinrich, 1938)


Afromevesia totorufa (Heinrich, 1968) 


Afromevesia ufipasilvae (Heinrich, 1968)


Afromevesia ugandicola (Heinrich, 1968)


Afromevesia ulugurusphinx (Heinrich, 1968)



Ethiopia, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa


Host: unknown.


Roman, A. 1924. Zoological results of the Swedish Expedition to central Afrika 1921. Insecta 5. Hymenoptera: Entomophaga. Arkiv för Zoologi. 16(17):1-9.


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