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Coelocybid wasps of the world

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Chalcidoidea)


Acoelocyba Bouček, 1988

Ambogaster Heydon, 2014

Ariasina Heydon, 2014

Coelocyba Ashmead, 1900

Coelocyboides Girault, 1913

Cooloolana Bouček, 1988

Cybopella Bouček, 1988

Erotolepsiella Girault, 1915

Eucoelocybomyia Girault, 1915

Fusiterga Bouček, 1988

Lanthanomyia De Santis, 1967
Lelapsomorpha Girault, 1913

Liepara Bouček, 1988

Nerotolepsia Girault, 1920

Ormyromorpha Girault, 1913


Paratomicobia Girault, 1915

Tomicobomorphella Girault, 1915

Distribution Fourteen genera are Australasian (Bouček, 1988), with Erotolepsiella also known from India (Narendran, 2001). Ambogaster, Ariasina,and Lanthanomyia are restricted to the Neotropical region (Andean subregion) (Burks & Rasplus, 2024, Heydon and Hanson, 2005; Heydon, 2014).

Associates of insect galls on trees, as inquilines or parasitoids of Diptera (Cecidomyiidae) (Veenstra-Quah et al., 2007), Hemiptera (Eriococcidae), or Hymenoptera (Melanosomellidae) (Noble, 1941). Galls occur mostly on Eucalyptus and Acacia but also Nothofagus (Bouček, 1988; Goolsby et al., 2001; Heydon and Hanson, 2005; Heydon, 2014).


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Photographs by Roger Burks © The trustees of the Natural history Musuem, London.

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