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Oberthuerella lenticularis Saussure

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Cynipoidea;  Family: Liopteridae; Subfamily: Oberthuerellinae; Genus: Oberthuerella)

Oberthuerella lenticularis Saussure 1890. Holotype: illustration in Saussure, 1890. Type Locality: unknown.

Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_head_habitus_dorsal Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_head_habitus_lateral
Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_head_frontal Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_head_mesosoma_dorsal
Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_head_mesosoma_dorsolateral Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_head_mesosoma_lateral
Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_metasoma_dorsal Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Madagascar_female_metasoma_lateral

Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_habitus_dorsal Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_habitus_lateral
Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_head_frontal Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_head_mesosoma_dorsal
Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_head_mesosoma_lateral Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_wings
Oberthuerella_lenticularis_Ivory Coast_female_labels  

Specimen from Madagascar in USNM


Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa. MAP


Distinguished from other species of Oberthuerella by the extremely short vertical keel on the face, not extending beyond the toruli; this feature is also shared with O. triformis, but in this latter species, the scutellar spine is remarkably short, whereas in O. lenticularis, the scutellar spine is roughly equal in length to the petiole.  Finally, the pronotal and mesoscutal sculpture in O. lenticularis is deeply foveate, so much so that the general appearance of this species craggy.

Note on Holotype

This name was originally published as an image with an associated name in a larger volume on Madagascar (Saussure, 1890).  Article 12.2.7 of IZCN (2000) stipulates the image of O. lenticularis satisfies indication of a new genus and species, even though no description nore holotype was provided.  Thus, the genus and species names are available, and the illustration of Saussure (1890) serves as the holotype.




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Photographs Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa) or Matt Buffington (Systematic Entomology Laboratory, USDA/ARS).

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