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Key to species in Scelio ernstii group

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family Scelionidae; Subfamily: Scelioninae; Genus: Scelio)

ClassificationIdentification keys

1. Metapleuron with a large patch of fine setae immediately above the hind coxa; scape and legs bright yellow (Fig. 58) (males similarly setose) ... 2

─ Metapleuron without or with only scattered sparse setae above the hind coxa (Figs 64, 62);  scape and legs darker (Fig. 58) ... 3

2. Gena with dense white, somewhat thickened pilosity (Fig. 58); posterior propodeal margin with distinct angular corner (Fig. 57); patch of setae above hind coxa predominantly oriented posteriorly (Fig. 60); mesoscutum sculptured throughout (Fig. 57) ... Scelio chapmani

─ Gena with sparse, brown, thin pilosity (Fig. 48); posterior propodeal margin appearing rounded and without truncate margin, with only extremely short straight edge (Fig. 45); patch of setae above hind coxa predominantly oriented ventrally (Fig. 46); mesoscutum with a narrow strip of obliterated sculpture along humeral margin (Fig. 45) ... Scelio ardelio

3. Lateral T2T5 with anterior half glabrous, posterior half with dense, thick, white setae (Figs 68, 80) ... 4

─ T2T5 laterally with pilosity more or less evenly distributed throughout, pilosity frequently sparse, and most often thin and brown (Figs 62, 98) ... 5

4. Metasoma narrow (Fig. 67); sculpture of S3S6 fine, relatively compact and predominantly longitudinal (Fig. 72); S3 medially sculptured more or less throughout, at most with a thin band of obliterated sculpture along midline (Fig. 72); S2 felt field extremely reduced, pinch-like and not strongly elevated; scape bright yellow; body often with metasoma lighter (brown) than mesosoma ... Scelio dupondi

─ Metasoma broad (Fig. 79); sculpture of S3S6 longitudinal but somewhat irregular, particularly at base of S2 which is rugulose, with larger gaps between interstices (Fig. 84); S3 medially smooth, with sculpture more or less absent throughout (Fig. 84); S2 felt field well developed and elevated on a keel-like projection; scape dark golden yellow; body often concolorous and dark brown throughout ... Scelio janseni

5. Gena in lateral view narrow, with three well-defined carinae present (orbital, genal, occipital, Fig. 102: orbc, gc, occ) at narrowest point, and frequently genal well developed throughout; gena with sparse, shorter and usually brown but sometimes off-white setae whose tips are not typically overlapping; never with fine pilosity at base of lateral T1 (Fig. 97)  (eye in lateral view large) ... 6

─ Gena in lateral view broad or without a single distinctly larger genal carina between orbital and occipital carinae (Fig. 89); gena with thick white setae whose tips may or may not overlap adjacent setae; often with micropilosity at base of lateral T1 (Fig. 85) ... 7

6. Pilosity on the pronotal shoulder, mesonotum, and lateral gena completely white (Figs 39, 40); reticulations of the mesoscutum relatively fine and somewhat more dense (Fig. 39); villus elongate, narrow, and somewhat curved ventrally; scape dark brown; mesoscutum with only slight bulge anteromedially, sculpture not composed of large cells; notauli percurrent, edges faint but clearly present (South Africa) ... Scelio albatus

─ Pilosity on the mesoscutum brown, on gena white or brown, on pronotal shoulder white and brown; reticulations of the mesoscutum relatively robust, and larger (Fig. 99); villus variably developed, but often somewhat thicker (Fig. 100); scape yellow or brown, only rarely dark brown (these individuals large and dark) (widespread; there are three general forms that key here, see Comments) ... Scelio taylori

7. Pronotal nucha smooth throughout, nearly glabrous (Fig. 87, pn); mesoscutum more or less flat; dorsal head between lateral ocelli with some very slightly polished and bulging areas with irregular microsculpturing typically in the form of punctures; scape yellow in basal, becoming brown towards apex, rarely completely yellow and then legs beyond coxae concolorous throughout ... Scelio mauritanicus

─ Pronotal nucha with at most a small smooth and glabrous patch anteriorly, if small smooth patch present then bounded laterally with slight transverse sculpture that fades medially; dorsal head between lateral ocelli variably developed, but typically sculptured throughout; mesoscutum usually bulging slightly in anterior third; scape entirely yellow or nearly entirely brown with at most slightly yellow base or apex ... 8

8. Pilosity of dorsal pronotal shoulder short and thicker, predominantly brown, concolorous with dorsal mesonotal setae (Fig. 51); mesonotum very robustly sculptured, with large cells (Fig. 51); gena in lateral view very broad (Central African Republic, single female) ... Scelio bayanga

─ Pilosity of dorsal pronotal shoulder elongate, predominantly white or off-white, typically lighter than dorsal mesonotal setae, often distinctly so; mesonotum variously sculptured, with smaller more compact cells; gena in lateral view of moderate width ... 9

9. Frons below anterior ocellus with brown pilosity continuing to near lower margin of eye, pilosity below this white (Figs. 93 &95); A3 bright yellow; pilosity of frons somewhat sparse, setae thick, and slightly truncate (Figs. 93 & 95); (frons somewhat narrowed between eyes; metasoma relatively depressed; Ivory Coast) ... Scelio phaeoprora

─ Frons below anterior ocellus at most with few brown setae immediately adjacent to ocellus, setae otherwise white (Figs. 63 & 65); A3 brown to dark brown; pilosity of frons variously developed, setae truncate or pointed ... 10

10. Gena with dense, bushy pilosity (Fig. 78); eye bulging towards anterior (Figs 75, 78); A1 yellow, A3 onwards light brown to brown (T3 and often T2 with tendency for more reticulation in sculpture) ... Scelio exophthalmus

─ Genal pilosity not distinctly bushy; eye not distinctly bulging in lateral view; A1 yellow or brown, A3 onwards varying ... 11

11. Sculpture of face relatively fine, with dorsoventral trend, with large interstices between carinae (Fig. 63); sculpture of mesonotum well-impressed, fine, somewhat longitudinal, particularly on medial mesoscutellum (Fig. 65); scape brown (villus often slightly concave ventrally and relatively narrow; head ovoid; sculpture of lateral margins of metasomal tergites very slightly obliterated or smoothed in parts; darker individuals) ... Scelio copelandi

─ Sculpture of the face variable, but in general reticulate, without dorsoventral trend, and typically somewhat denser (Fig. 35); sculpture of mesonotum moderately impressed, relatively densely reticulate (Fig. 36); scape brown or yellow; villus variously formed (see Comments for information on the several morphotypes presently included in this relatively polymorphic species) ... Scelio aphares

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