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Gryon Haliday

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family Scelionidae; Subfamily: Scelioninae)

Gryon Haliday 1833. Type speciesGryon missellum Haliday 1833.

Gryon austrafricanum Mineo, 1979

Gryon basilwskyi (Risbec, 1957)

Gryon basokoi (Risbec, 1958)

Gryon bimaculatum Mineo, 1983

Gryon bini Mineo, 1983

Gryon charon (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon coum (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon eugeniae (Risbec, 1953)

Gryon festivum (Kieffer, 1910)

Gryon fulviventre (Crawford, 1912)

Gryon giganteum Mineo, 1983

Gryon hiberus (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon ialokombae Mineo, 1983

Gryon iammancoi Mineo, 1983

Gryon janus (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon kelnerpillauti Mineo, 1983

Gryon kentyotum Mineo, 1982

Gryon letus (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon magnoculo Mineo, 1983

Gryon mirperusi (Risbec, 1950)

Gryon missellum Haliday, 1833

Gryon morosum Mineo, 1983

Gryon myndus (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon naevium (Nixon, 1934)

Gryon nitens (Szabó, 1963)

Gryon oculatum Mineo, 1983

Gryon odontogusi (Risbec, 1955)

Gryon pappi Mineo, 1983

Gryon paracharontis Mineo, 1982

Gryon parasomaliense Mineo, 1983

Gryon pisum Nixon, 1934

Gryon rhinocori (Risbec, 1950)

Gryon rugulosum (Fouts, 1934)

Gryon sancti Mineo, 1983

Gryon saxatile (Kieffer, 1910)

Gryon scutidepressi Mineo, 1983

Gryon sesbaniae (Risbec, 1956)

Gryon somaliense Mineo, 1983

Gryon urum Mineo, 1982

Gryon watshami Mineo, 1983

Gryon zimbabwense Mineo, 1983




Gryon_SAM-HYM-P028353_habitus_lateral Gryon_SAM-HYM-P028353_habitus_dorsal

Gryon_SAM-HYM-P028398_habitus_lateral Gryon_SAM-HYM-P028398_habitus_dorsal

Gryon_SAM-HYM-P031132_habitus_lateral Gryon_SAM-HYM-P031132_habitus_dorsal

Gryon_SAM-HYM-P032399_habitus_lateral Gryon_SAM-HYM-P032399_habitus_dorsal




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Haliday, A. H. 1833. An essay on the classification of the parasitic Hymenoptera of Britain, which correspond with the Ichneumones minuti of Linneaus. Entomol. Mag. 1:259-279.


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