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  Alastor Lepeletier de Saint-Fargeau

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Vespoidea; Family: Vespidae; Subfamily: Eumeninae)

Alastor Lepeletier de Saint-Fargeau, 1841. Type species: Alastor atropos Lepeletier de Saint-Fargeau, 1841.


Alastor (Alastor) aeger Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastorellus) arnoldi von Schultheb, 1925

Alastor (Alastorellus) baidoensis Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastor) bilamellatus Giordani Soika, 1941

Alastor (Alastor) bispinosus Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastorellus) Braunsi Meade-Waldo, 1913

Alastor (Alastor) bucida de Saussure, 1853

Alastor (Alastorellus) carinulatus Giordani Soika, 1991

Alastor (Alastorellus) clypabnormis Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastor) concitatus Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastorellus) cylindricus Giordani Soika, 1991

Alastor (Alastorellus) facilis Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) faustus faustus Giordani Soika, 1941

Alastor (Alastor) faustus gaudens Giordani Soika, 1991

Alastor (Alastor) gestroi Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) globosus Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastorellus) guichardi Giordani Soika, 1958

Alastor (Alastor) hirsutus Gusenleitner, 2007

Alastor (Alastor) incospicuus Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) kochi Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastorellus) mandibularis Giordani Soika, 1950

Alastor (Alastorellus) melanogaster Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastor) muticoides Giordani Soika, 1941

Alastor (Alastor) muticus Giordani Soika, 1941

Alastor (Alastor) nitidus Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastor) occidentalis Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastor) parallelus Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastorellus) planicollis Gusenleitner, 2004

Alastor (Alastorellus) plicatus Giordani Soika, 1991

Alastor (Alastor) possibilis Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) procax Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) promontorii Meade-Waldo, 1913

Alastor (Alastor) pronotalis Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastorellus) quadraticollis Giordani Soika, 1941

Alastor (Alastor) ricae Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) rubescens Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastorellus) schulthessianus Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastorellus) simillimus Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastorellus) stevensoni von Schultheb 1925

Alastor (Alastor) stroudiaformis Gusenleitner, 2006

Alastor (Alastor) submissus Giordani Soika, 1983

Alastor (Alastorellus) sulcifer Giordani Soika, 1934

Alastor (Alastor) turneri von Schulthess, 1925


Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Also Oriental and  Palaearctic regions.




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