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Key to species in Scelio walkeri group

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family Scelionidae; Subfamily: Scelioninae; Genus: Scelio)

ClassificationIdentification keys

1. Metasomal tergites 25 in lateral profile covered with dense pilosity in anterior half, strongly contrasting with the glabrous or very sparsely setose posterior half (Fig. 392) ... Scelio striatus

Metasomal tergites 25 in lateral profile with at least some setae present in posterior half, if sparse in posterior half then uniformly sparse throughout ... 2

2. Frons below and surrounding anterior ocellus with well-defined reticulate sculpture (Fig. 389, note that several other species from the Arabian Peninsula possess this character, and may overlap in distribution) ... Scelio retifrons

Frons below and surrounding anterior ocellus with fine dorsoventral striae, rarely some slight reticulation among striae, but in this case dorsoventral striae clearly predominate (Figs 335, 365) ... 3

3. Gena strongly bulging (Fig. 381), in dorsal view usually extending laterad of eye, head very wide across mandibles (Fig. 383); medial anteclypeus very short and concave, with two acute triangular teeth at margins (Fig. 383, lat); pilosity of lateral metasoma sparse (Fig. 384); striae on frons dense; scutellum with fine longitudinal striae (Fig. 381); T5 often appearing slightly pinched, with a relatively well-developed median crease; anterolateral T3 with a large patch of appressed microtrichia; lateral S2S5 predominantly sculptured ... Scelio remaudierei

Gena slightly bulging or simply rounded (Fig. 376), not extending laterad of eye, head moderately wide across mandibles; medial anteclypeus variously developed though typically not with distinct acute triangular teeth at margins (Fig. 377); pilosity of metasoma rarely sparse, typically moderate to dense (Fig. 378) ... 4

4. Anteclypeus medially projecting (Figs 347, 377); posteroventral quadrant of metapleuron densely setose (4 or more setae) (Fig. 346, 376) ... 5

Anteclypeus medially striplike (linear) to concave (e.g. Figs 335, 365, 401); posteroventral quadrant of metapleuron sparsely setose (13 originating setae) ... 6

5. Anteclypeus medially broadly lobed (Fig. 347), without sculpture (pilosity throughout often slightly wavy) ... Scelio clypeatus

Anteclypeus strongly projecting, apical margin truncate to very slightly convex, with irregular sculpture (Fig. 377) ... Scelio quasiclypeatus

6. Posterodorsal portion of head with some smooth patches formed by irregularly obliterated sculpture (Fig. 325); dorsal surface of anterolateral T3 with a patch of micropilosity (best seen in dorsolateral view, Fig. 336, t3p); pilosity of head and mesoscutum predominantly white, mesoscutellar setae brown (Fig. 333); pronotal nucha with some areas distinctly smooth (anteclypeus almost always concave and quite short, though in some appearing truncate at some angles, Fig. 335) ... Scelio afer

Posterodorsal portion of head sculptured throughout, if with obliterated patches (rarely), then pronotal nucha well sculptured throughout; dorsal surface of anterolateral T3 with or without micropilosity; color of pilosity on head and dorsal mesonotum varying; sculpture of pronotal nucha varying, but in most sculptured throughout ... 7

7. Anteclypeus medially truncate (e.g. Figs 365, 371), if irregularly concave medially (typically smaller individuals), then medial teeth absent (Fig. 383) ... 8

Anteclypeus medially concave (e.g. Figs 335, 401) ... 10

8. Pilosity of lateral T3T5 absent anteriorly such that no part of the anterior margin has nearby adjacent setae (Fig. 342); pilosity of posteroventral quadrant of metapleuron moderately dense, typically with 3 or more setae present (Fig. 340) (anteclypeus quite small, Fig. 341, sometimes with a hint of medial concavity; mesosoma typically with 7 or more brown setae) ... Scelio apospastos

Pilosity of lateral T3T5 reaching the anterior margin, at least along lateral margin; pilosity of posteroventral quadrant of metapleuron sparse, typically 1-2 setae present ... 9

9. Pilosity of mesoscutum completely white, or with at most a single pair of brown setae along posteromedial margin (Fig. 369); anteclypeus well developed, often projecting medially (Fig. 371); T1 laterally with two types of setae present, finer setae forming a complete patch from the anterior to the posterior; lateral T2T5 densely setose, setae predominantly white ... Scelio pilosilatus

Pilosity of mesoscutum often predominantly brown, with more than two brown setae medially (Fig. 363); anteclypeus small, striplike, sometimes with anterior margin slightly irregular; T1 laterally with predominantly thicker setae, if fine setae present then not forming a complete dense line from the anterior to the posterior; pilosity of lateral T2T5 moderately dense to somewhat sparse; pilosity of T4T5 at least partially (often completely) composed of fine brown to golden-brown setae (widespread and somewhat polymorphic, includes several series of tentatively included individuals, see comments) ... Scelio modulus

10. Metasomal pilosity on T3T5 white, thick, concolorous with pilosity of T2; oxter nearly always with a relatively large glabrous and smooth patch along dorsal margin; pilosity of the head and mesonotum with at least some white setae ... 11

Metasomal pilosity on T3T5 very fine, brown, contrastingly lighter than that of T2; oxter sculptured throughout; pilosity of the head and mesonotum completely brown, concolorous (Kenya, Rwanda) ... Scelio concavus

11. Pilosity of head, mesonotum not concolorous, distinctly multicolored on mesoscutum, and dark throughout mesoscutellum (Fig. 357); pronotal nucha predominantly smooth throughout; mesoscutum with relatively large reticulations; mesoscutum and mesoscutellum more transverse (Fig. 357, width of mesoscutum 1.5x length, width of mesoscutellum 2.3x length) (west Africa) ... Scelio erugatus

Pilosity of dorsal head and mesonotum concolorous; pronotal nucha sculptured throughout; mesoscutum with moderately sized reticulations (Fig. 399); mesoscutum and mesoscutellum more elongate (Fig. 399, width of mesoscutum 1.1x length, width of mesoscutellum 1.1x length) (Madagascar) ... Scelio tritus

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