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Ceramius Latreille

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Vespoidea; Family: Vespidae; Subfamily: Masarinae)

Ceramius Latreille 1810. Type species: Ceramius fonscolombei Latreille, 1810, by original designation.


  Ceramius beyeri Brauns, 1903
  Ceramius bicolor (Thunberg, 1815)
Ceramius braunsi Turner, 1935
  Ceramius brevitarsis Gess, 1997
  Ceramius caffer de Saussure, 1855
  Ceramius capensis de Saussure, 1854
  Ceramius capicola Brauns, 1902
  Ceramius cerceriformis de Saussure, 1853
Ceramius clypeatus Richards, 1962
  Ceramius damarinus Turner, 1935
  Ceramius jacoti Richards, 1962
Ceramius lichtensteinii (Klug, 1810)
  Ceramius linearis Klug, 1824

Ceramius metanotalis Richards, 1962

  Ceramius micheneri Gess, 1968
  Ceramius nigripennis de Saussure, 1854
  Ceramius peringueyi Brauns, 1913
  Ceramius rex de Saussure, 1855
  Ceramius richardsi Gess, 1965
  Ceramius schulthessi Brauns, 1902
Ceramius socius Turner, 1935
  Ceramius toriger von Schulthess, 1935


Afrotropical, Palaeractic.



Gess F. W, 1965. Contribution to the knowledge of the South African species of the genus Ceramius Latreille (Hymenoptera: Masaridae). Ann. S. Arf. Mus., 48:219-231.

Gess F. W, 1968. Further contribution to the knowledge of the South African species of the genus Ceramius Latreille (Hymenoptera: Masaridae). Novas Taxa Ento., 57:3-14.


Photographs Sarah Gess (Albany Museum) and Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

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