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Hemipepsis Dahlbom

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Vespoidea; Family: Pompilidae; Subfamily: Pepsinae)

Hemipepsis Dahlbom 1844.Type species: Hemipepsis capensis  Dahlbom, 1844

Tetraondontonyx Ashmead, 1900. Type species: Tetraondontonyx rufipes Ashmead, 1900.

Xenopepsis Arnold, 1932. Type species: Xenopepsis commixta Arnold, 1932.

Hemipepsis species

Hemipepsis species


Hemipepsis aethiops Kohl, 1913 (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Zambia)


Hemipepsis ascensoi (Zavattari, 1907) (Uganda, Zimbabwe)


Hemipepsis braunsi Arnold, 1932 (South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis brunniceps Taschenberg, 1869 (Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis buchardi Wahis, 2000 (Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan,Yemen)

Hemipepsis caelebs Arnold, 1932 (Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis capensis Fabricius, 1781 (South Africa)


Hemipepsis combusta combusta Smith, 1855 (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis combusta tanganyikae Arnold,  (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis corallipes Wahis, 2000 (

Hemipepsis dedjas Guérin, 1848 (Ethiopia, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe)


Hemipepsis erythropyga Arnold, 1932 (Nigeria)

Hemipepsis exul Kohl  (Madagascar)

Hemipepsis fallax Saussure, 1892 (Ethiopia)

Hemipepsis ferox Arnold, 1948 (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis gestroi Gribodo, 1884 (South Africa, Uganda, West Africa, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis glabrata glabrata Klug, 1834  (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis glabrata anchietae Radoszkovsky, 1881  (Ethiopia)

Hemipepsis glabrata spectrum Smith, 1855  (South Africa, Zimbabwe)


Hemipepsis heros (Guérin, 1848) (Equatorial Africa: Ethiopia, Tanzania westwards to Senegal)

Hemipepsis cf. heros (Tanzania)

Hemipepsis heteroneura Turner, 1918 (Uganda)

Hemipepsis hottentota (Taschenberg, 1869) (Yemen)

Hemipepsis hova Saussure,   (Madagascar)

Hemipepsis hilaris Smith, 1879 (Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis inermis Arnold, 1932 (Cameroon)

Hemipepsis insignis Smith, 1855 (West Africa)

Hemipepsis iodoptera Stal, 1857  (South Africa, Uganda)

Hemipepsis iodoptera meridionalis Arnold,  (West Africa)

Hemipepsis kiogae Arnold, 1932 (Yemen)

Hemipepsis latirostris Arnold, 1932 (Uganda, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis lucernaris Wahis, 2000 (Yemen)

Hemipepsis luctuosa Arnold, 1948 (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis mashonae Arnold, 1932 (Kenya, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis mlanjiensis Turner, 1918 (Ethiopia, Malawi)

Hemipepsis nenitra Saussure,   (Madagascar)

Hemipepsis obscurus Lucas, 1898 (Tanzania)

Hemipepsis ochropus Stal, 1857 (Cameroon, Gold Coast, Nigeria)

Hemipepsis perhirsuta Banks, 1940 (Madagascar)

Hemipepsis pilosipes Arnold, 1948 (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis refulgens Turner, 1918 (Uganda)

Hemipepsis rufofemoratus Lucas, 1898 (Zanzibar)

Hemipepsis sabulosa Smith, 1855 (Egypt, Yemen)

Hemipepsis semenovi (Gussakowskij, 1932) (Eritrea, Iran, Yemen)

Hemipepsis sericeipennis Bingham, 1902 (South Africa, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis simpsoni Arnold, 1932 (Gold Coast)

Hemipepsis sinuosa Kohl, 1913 (Nigeria)

Hemipepsis sublivida Arnold, 1948 (Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis sulfureicornis Arnold, 1960 (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Hemipepsis tamisieri Guérin, 1848 (Angola, Ethiopia, Gold Coast, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis turneri Arnold, 1936 (South Africa)

Hemipepsis unguicularis Kohl, 1913 (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Hemipepsis unifasciata Radley, 1881 (Angola, Ethiopia)

Hemipepsis variabilis Arnold, 1932 (Uganda)

Hemipepsis vespertilio Gerstaecker, 1857 (South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis vestitipennis Turner, 1918 (Somalia, Uganda, Yemen)

Hemipepsis vindex Smith, 1855 (Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Yemen, Zimbabwe)

Hemipepsis viridipennis Lucas, 1898 (Tanzania)

Hemipepsis yemenita Wahis, 2000 (Somalia, Yemen)




Females hunt mainly Baboon spiders (Theraphosidae) and Rain spiders (Palystes), which they paralyse and drag to a pre-excavated burrow, where they lay an egg on the spider. On hatching the larva feeds on the preserved prey item. Species of Hemipepsis are important specialist pollinators of a diverse assemblage of African plants from Satyrium and Disa orchids (Orchidaceae) to Milkweeds (Apocynaceae) and Eucomis species (Asparagaceae subfamily Scilloideae), as well as plants with generalist pollination systems (Apiaceae, Vitaceae).



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