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Telenomus Haliday

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family Scelionidae; Subfamily: Telenominae)

Telenomus Haliday, 1833: 271. Type species: Telenomus brachialis Haliday.

Telenomus species

Telenomus species


Telenomus aleus Nixon, 1935


Telenomus antennalis Fouts, 1934


Telenomus applanatus Bin & Johnson, 1982


Telenomus benefactor Crawford, 1911


Telenomus bini Polaszek & Kimani, 1990


Telenomus brimo Nixon, 1935


Telenomus busseole Gahan, 1922


Telenomus casamencensis Risbec, 1957


Telenomus codrus Nixon, 1935


Telenomus comopterygi Risbec, 1950


Telenomus convolvuli Risbec, 1950


Telenomus coranii Risbec, 1950


Telenomus coreiphagus Risbec, 1950


Telenomus creusa Polaszek & Kimani, 1990


Telenomus cybele Nixon, 1935


Telenomus demodoci Nixon, 1936


Telenomus etielliphaga (Risbec, 1950)


Telenomus euphorbiae Risbec, 1950


Telenomus eurystylusi Risbec, 1955


Telenomus flavicephalus Risbec, 1956


Telenomus fuscipes (Kieffer, 1913)


Telenomus gowdeyi, Crawford, 1911


Telenomus hersei Risbec, 1950


Telenomus hyperion Nixon, 1935


Telenomus iphias Nixon, 1935


Telenomus lemoleae (Nixon, 1936


Telenomus mahensis Kieffer, 1910


Telenomus monticola (Kieffer, 1913)


Telenomus myrmidon Kieffer, 1910

Telenomus nanus Sundholm, 1970


Telenomus narolus Nixon, 1937


Telenomus nemesis Polaszek & Kimani, 1990


Telenomus nepele Nixon, 1935


Telenomus numitor Nixon, 1935


Telenomus oriplanus (Kieffer, 1913)


Telenomus phegeus Nixon, 1938


Telenomus polycrates Nixon, 1935


Telenomus procas Nixon, 1935


Telenomus pseudocorani Risbec, 1957


Telenomus pylades Nixon, 1935


Telenomus pylus Nixon, 1935


Telenomus pyramus Nixon, 1935


Telenomus sciron Nixon, 1935


Telenomus sechellensis Kieffer, 1910


Telenomus sirphidi Risbec, 1950


Telenomus soudanensis (Risbec, 1950)


Telenomus splendens Sundholm, 1970


Telenomus striatus Risbec, 1950


Telenomus thestor Nixon, 1935


Telenomus thoas Nixon, 1935


Telenomus tityrus Nixon, 1935


Telenomus tolli Risbec, 1950


Telenomus ullyetti Nixon, 1936




Idiobiont endoparasitoids of insect (Neuroptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera) eggs.


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Photographs of living specimen © Johan Heyns (Gauteng).

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