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Trimorus Förster

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family Scelionidae; Subfamily: Teleasinae)

Trimorus Förster, 1856: 101, 104. Type species: Gryon nanno Walker, designated by Ashmead, 1903.

Trimorus agnus Sundholm, 1970


Trimorus amphiaraus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus antricola (Kieffer, 1913)

Trimorus argus Sundholm, 1970


Trimorus atys Nixon, 1936


Trimorus carus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus codrus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus cyclops (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus fons (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus iphias Nixon, 1936


Trimorus jeanneli (Risbec, 1950)


Trimorus kenyae (Kieffer, 1913)


Trimorus laius (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus lollius (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus magnes (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus marsyas (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus nagus Sundholm, 1970


Trimorus nephele Nixon, 1936


Trimorus ninus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus nomius (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus oecleus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus orion (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus paris (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus pylus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus rotundus (Dodd, 1920)


Trimorus scepsis (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus schoeneus Nixon, 1936


Trimorus sperches (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus tananarivensis Risbec, 1950


Trimorus thoas (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus tiresias (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus tityrus (Nixon, 1936)


Trimorus uranus (Nixon, 1936)

Trimorus species (Kenya)




Host: unknown.


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Photographs © Robert Copeland (ICIPE).

Map illustration © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).
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