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Key to species of Nixonia

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family Scelionidae; Subfamily: Scelioninae)

ClassificationIdentification keys


Third antennal segment shorter than, or subequal to, second antennal segment 2



Third antennal segment longer (>1.1X) than second antennal segment ...5


Femora and tibiae yellow; eye height at least 2.5 times shortest distance between eyes 3


Femora and tibiae reddish brown to black; eye height less than 2 times shortest distance between eyes 4


Medial portion of posterior margin of pronotum, scutellar rim, tegulae, propodeal tooth, margins of tergites 1-4, and tarsi yellow; upper mesepisternum punctuate; Namibia Nixonia flavocincta


Mesosoma, metasoma black without yellow markings, tarsi dark brown; upper mesepisternum longitudinally striate; Namibia ....Nixonia sicaria


Forewings extending to middle or posterior margin of tergite 4; female metasoma with tergites 24 brick red, mid- and hind femora and tibiae reddish brown; South Africa ...Nixonia corrugata


Forewings longer, extending nearly to posterior margin of tergite 5; female body and legs entirely black; South Africa ...Nixonia stygica



Third antennal segment only slightly longer (1.15 X) than second antennal segment ...6



Third antennal segment significantly longer (1.43.1X) than second antennal segment ...7


Occipital carina not developed; female tergite 6 irregularly carinate; female body and legs entirely black; South Africa ...Nixonia elongata


Occipital carina massive; female tergite 6 longitudinally carinate; female metasomatic segments 25 brick red; legs, except coxae, reddish orange; South Africa, Botswana ...Nixonia pecki



Maxillary palpomere 4 cylindrical; mandible long, with lower tooth either absent or much shorter than upper, base of mandible with dense tuft of thick setae ...8



Maxillary palpomere 4 with strongly expanded lateral lobe, width of palpomere nearly equal to its length; mandible short, bidentate, lower tooth only slightly shorter than upper, base of mandible without dense tuft of thick setae ...10


Mandible unidentate, with no indication of lower tooth; legs orange-yellow; Somalia ...Nixonia bini


Mandible with short, but distinct lower tooth; legs black ...9


Mesoscutum and scutellum with irregular, sharply defined rugulosities, with small setigerous punctures scattered over surface; tegula reddish brown, distinctly lighter in color than mesoscutum; Egypt ...Nixonia priesneri


Mesoscutum and scutellum covered by deep, confluent, large setigerous punctures; tegula black, concolorous with mesoscutum; Angola, Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe ...Nixonia atra


Propodeal tooth cordate to subcordate, sides convex, longitudinally carinate, with or without medial depression; scutellum longitudinally striate; female tergite 6 deeply, emarginate posteromedially; large, 9 mm in length; South Africa 11


Propodeal tooth with sides straight, and pointed or ligulate, usually with deep medial depression; scutellum areolate-punctate; female tergite 6 with only shallow emargination posteromedially; moderate in size, 57 mm in length 12


Fore- and midtibiae with numerous stout, semi-erect, dark spines over outer surface; propodeal tooth without depression; female tergite 6 deeply, narrowly emarginate posteromedially, lateral flanges narrow ...Nixonia gigas


Fore and midtibiae at most with small, semi-apressed spines; propodeal tooth with posterior-medial depression; female tergite 6 with deep, broad emargination posterio-medially, lateral flanges wide and conspicuous ...Nixonia mcgregori


Eye height distinctly greater than shortest distance between eyes; mesoscutum with scattered punctures and wide interstices with dense mat microsculpture; India, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam ...Nixonia krombeini


Eye height sub-equal to, or only slightly greater, than shortest distance between eyes; mesoscutum with dense large punctures and narrow interstices with shining surface; Africa ...13


Shortest distance between eyes 0.9 times eye height; forewing with several streaks of heavy infuscation; body length 7-10 mm; South Africa ...14


Shortest distance between eyes equal to eye height; forewing with only moderate streaks of infuscation; body length 5.05.5 mm 15


Mesoscutum wider than long; scape elongate (3X longer than wide); dense field of setae obvious on vertex in anterior view; pronotal shoulders rounded ...Nixonia lamorali


Mesoscutum as wide as long; scape expanded (2.5X longer than wide); setae sparse on vertex; pronotal shoulders subquadrate ...Nixonia masneri


Mesosoma, antennae, and legs entirely dark brown to black; Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe ...Nixonia watshami


Pronotum, mesonotum, antennomeres 13, and legs beyond coxae deep orange to reddish brown; Namibia ...Nixonia pretiosa

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