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of the Afrotropical Region

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae)

Tryphoninae Shuckard, 1840


Boethus Förster, 1869

Ibornia Seyrig, 1935

Neliopisthus Thomson, 1883

Netelia Gray, 1860

Phytodietus Gravenhorst, 1829

Zambion Kasparyan, 1993


Worldwide, but with highest species richness in the Holarctic region.


Majority of species are ectoparasitoids of Symphyta larvae, but some (including the very speciose Netelia) are ectoparasitoids of Lepidoptera larvae. The eggs are attached to the host's cuticle by means of a plug or anchor.


1252 species in 59 genera (Bennett, 2015).


Clypeus convex and often large, separated from face by a groove, the apical margin with a fringe of long parallel setae. Fore wing with areolet usually closed. Metasomal tergite I with spiracle at or before middle. Metasoma usually dorso-ventrally depressed (but laterally compressed in Netelia). Ovipositor short, no longer than metasomal apical height, without dorsal subapical notch (Rousse & Villemant, 2012).


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Photographs © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa) or © Andrew Bennett & Diana Barnes (Zambion).

Acaenitinae; Anomaloninae; Banchinae; Brachycyrtinae; Sisyrostolinae; Campopleginae; Cremastinae; Cryptinae; Ctenopelmatinae; Diplazontinae; Eucerotinae; Ichneumoninae; Lycorininae; Mesochorinae; Metopiinae; Ophioninae; Orthocentrinae; Pimplinae; Rhyssinae; Tersilochinae; Tryphoninae; Xoridinae

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