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of the Afrotropical Region

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae)

Pezomachoidae Förster, 1869: 143, 172. Type genus: Pezomachus Gravenhorst (= Gelis Thunberg).
Phygadeuontoidae Förster, 1869: 144, 181. Type genus: Phygadeuon Gravenhorst.

Hemiteloidae Förster, 1869: 144, 173. Type genus: Hemiteles
Stilpnoidae Förster, 1869: 144, 188. Type genus: Stilpnus
Hemigastrini Ashmead, 1900: 38. Type genus: Hemigaster
Myersiidae Viereck, 1912: 575. Type genus: Myersia Viereck
( = Polyaulon Förster).
Gelinae Viereck, 1918: 73. Type genus: Gelis Thunberg.


Acrolyta Förster, 1869


Amphibulus Kriechbaumer, 1893

Astomaspis Förster, 1869


Atractodes Gravenhorst, 1829


Bathythrix Förster, 1869


Bodedia Seyrig, 1952


Ceratophygadeuon Viereck, 1924


Charitopes Förster, 1869


Chirotica Förster, 1869


Diaglyptella Förster, 1869


Diatora Förster, 1869


Dichrogaster Doumerc, 1855


Diracela Townes, 1973


Dolichomastix Ceballos, 1924


Encrateola Strand, 1917


Gabia Seyrig, 1952


Gelis Thunberg, 1827


Gerdius Townes, 1970


Gessia Townes, 1973


Goryphus Holmgren, 1868


Gotra Seyrig, 1952


Handaoia Seyrig, 1952


Indovia Seyrig, 1952

Lienella Cameron, 1905


Mamelia Seyrig, 1952


Neopimpla Ashmead, 1900


Nipponaetes Uchida, 1933


Paraglyptus Seyrig, 1952


Paraphylax Förster, 1869


Phygadeuon Gravenhorst, 1829


Retalia Seyrig, 1952


Sozites Seyrig, 1952


Xenolytus Förster, 1869



Biology Most are idiobiont ectoparasitoid of Holometabola pupae or prepupae. Some species are koinobiont or endoparasitoids, and some species parasitize the egg masses of Araneae and Pseudoscorpionida.
Diagnosis Body usually small (forewing almost always 2.0–8.5, very rarely up to 11 mm, with some apterous species). Clypeus usually convex, separated from face by groove. Supraclypeal area of male almost never marked with yellow or whitish. Apical truncation of flagellum transversal to oblique. Male antenna nearly always with tyloids. Epicnemial carina distinct both ventrally and laterally. Sternaulus distinct, reaching at least 0.5 of the length to mid-coxa, when complete ending distinctly dorsad of ventral corner of mesopleuron. Postpectal carina incomplete, often vestigial or absent. Dorsal margin of metanotum posteriorly with a sublateral triangular projection opposite to the anterior end of sublateral longitudinal carina of propodeum. Foretibia of female never swollen (except in Bilira Townes). Propodeum almost always with both longitudinal and transverse carinae. Areolet pentagonal and well delimited, even if crossvein 3r-m is absent. Forewing crossvein 2m-cu usually distinct, rarely spectral or absent, usually distinctly inclivous and with two bullae. Hindwing vein M+Cu distinctly arched. Metasoma cylindrical to dosoventrally depressed, segments 3 and 4 wider than high; apex of metasoma often truncate. First metasomal tergite usually posteriorly widened, without glymma, its spiracle placed posteriorly to mid-length. Thyridium usually small; gastrocoeli absent. Ovipositor almost always extending conspicuously beyond metasomal apex, usually 0.3–1.2× length of hindtibia, its sheaths flexible (Santos, 2017).


International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. 1994. Opinion 1757. Cryptus Fabricius, 1804 and Cryptinae Kirby, 1837 (Insecta, Hymenoptera) conserved. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 51(1):74-75. 

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Photographs © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa). Banner image © Vida van der Walt.

Acaenitinae; Anomaloninae; Banchinae; Brachycyrtinae; Sisyrostolinae; Campopleginae; Cremastinae; Cryptinae; Ctenopelmatinae; Diplazontinae; Eucerotinae; Ichneumoninae; Lycorininae; Mesochorinae; Metopiinae; Ophioninae; Orthocentrinae; Pimplinae; Rhyssinae; Tersilochinae; Tryphoninae; Xoridinae

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