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of the Afrotropical Region

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae)

Orthocentrinae Förster, 1869. Type genus: Orthocentrus Gravenhorst, 1829.


Aperileptus Förster, 1869


Catastenus Förster, 1869


Chilocyrtus Townes, 1971

Megastylus Schiřdte, 1838

Orthocentrus Gravenhorst, 1829

Pantisarthrus Förster, 1871

Plectiscidea Viereck, 1914


Plectiscus Gravenhorst, 1829

Proclitus Förster, 1869

Stenomacrus Förster, 1869

Symplecis Förster, 1869

Tariqia Rousse & Villemant, 2012


Biology Koinobiont endoparasitoids of Mycetophilidae and Sciaridae (Diptera). They comprise 29 genera and about 460 species worldwide.
Diversity  About 460 species in 29 genera.
Diagnosis Clypeus usually small and convex, sometimes not separated by a groove and forming with face a large and convex area. Mandible slender, thin and blade-like, appearing unidented, malar space often long and with subocular sulcus. Metasomal tergite I with spiracle usually near or in front of middle, ovipositor short to very long.


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Photographs by Agničle Touret-Alby © MNHN (specimens database http://coldb.mnhn.fr).

Acaenitinae; Anomaloninae; Banchinae; Brachycyrtinae; Sisyrostolinae; Campopleginae; Cremastinae; Cryptinae; Ctenopelmatinae; Diplazontinae; Eucerotinae; Ichneumoninae; Lycorininae; Mesochorinae; Metopiinae; Ophioninae; Orthocentrinae; Pimplinae; Rhyssinae; Tersilochinae; Tryphoninae; Xoridinae

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