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Metopius Panzer

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae; Subfamily: Metopiinae)

Metopius Panzer 1806. Type species: Sphex vespoides Scopoli 1763.


Metopius albipictus Tosquinet, 1896

Metopius albo-ornatus Cameron, 1906


Metopius alluaudi Seyrig, 1934


Metopius andreasi Benoit, 1961

Metopius apertus Benoit, 1965

Metopius apophua Morley, 1916

Metopius audens Tosquinet, 1896


Metopius brevicornis Seyrig, 1935

Metopius butor (Benoit, 1961)

Metopius capicola Benoit, 1965

Metopius clathratus Benoit, 1965

Metopius discolor Tosquinet, 1896


Metopius eritreae Morley, 1912


Metopius hilaris Tosquinet, 1896

Metopius hilaroides Benoit, 1965



Metopius insularis Seyrig, 1934

Metopius latibalteatus Cameron, 1906

Metopius lugubris Tosquinet, 1896

Metopius nigripalpis Benoit, 1965

Metopius nigro-ornatus Cameron, 1906

Metopius nodiformis (Benoit, 1961)


Metopius paludicola Benoit, 1965

Metopius polyptichi Benoit, 1965


Metopius pusillus Benoit, 1965


Metopius senegalensis Benoit, 1965


Metopius seyrigi Benoit, 1961

Metopius strenuus Benoit, 1965


Metopius sicheli Seyrig, 1934


Metopius upembanus Benoit, 1965

Metopius zonurus Benoit, 1965

Metopius zuluanus Benoit, 1965


Metopius zuluensis Benoit, 1965


Endoparasitoids (Koinobiont) of Lepidoptera larva, usually those hidden in leaf rolls or folds. Egg is laid into the caterpillar and the adult wasp emerges from the pupa.





Panzer, G.W.F. 1806. Kritische Revision der Insektenfaune Deutschlands nach dem System bearbeitet II. Nürnberg. 271 pp.  

Scopoli, J.A. 1763. Entomologia carniolica. J.T. Trattner, Vindobonae. 30+420+3pp.


Photographs by Aisha Mayekiso or Nadene Smith or Simon van Noort © Iziko Museums.


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