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Key to genera of Afrotropical Phaeogenini (Ichneumoninae)

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae; Subfamily: Ichneumoninae)

ClassificationIdentification keys

1. Mandibles unidentate, falcate (A) ... 2


Mandibles bidentate, shape various (a) ... 3


2. Areolet open, 3Rs–m absent (A); hind wing with distal abscissa of Cu1 absent (A) ... Lusius Tosquinet, 1903


Areolet closed, 3Rs–m present, sometimes non–tubular (a); hind wing with distal abscissa of Cu1 present, sometimes very faint (a) ... Heterischnus Wesmael, 1859


3. Metasomal tergite 2 with gastrocoeli and thyridiae totally absent (A, B) ... 4


Metasomal tergite 2 with gastrocoeli (G) present, faint to deep, and thyridiae (T) differentiated (a, b) ... 7


4. Propodeal apophyses strong, spine–like, at least as long as basally wide (A); Madagascar ...Hoplophaeogenes Heinrich, 1938


Propodeum without spine–like apophyses, or apophyses hardly distinct (a) ... 5


5. Sternaulus deep and long, reaching beyond mid–length of mesopleuron (A): areolet open, 3Rs–m absent (B); hind wing with distal abscissa of Cu1 absent (B) ... Arearia Seyrig, 1952


Sternaulus absent or at least strongly weaker and shorter (a); areolet closed, 3Rs–m present (b); hind wing with distal abscissa of Cu1 present, sometimes non pigmented (b) ... 6


6. Propodeum smoothly sculptured (at least anteriorly) with median areas fused into one single mid–longitudinal area (A) ... Chauvinia Heinrich, 1938


Propodeum coarsely sculptured with area supero–media delimited (a) ... Dicaelotus Wesmael, 1845


7. Occipital and oral carina joining at mandibular base, the junction separated from mandibular basis by less than carina width (A); postpectal carina complete (B); face quadrate without distinct mid–longitudinal bulge (C) ... 8


Oral and occipital carina joined distinctly above mandibular base (a); postpectal carina ventrally widely interrupted in front of mid coxae (b); face short and transverse with a strong mid–longitudinal bulge laterally limited by grooves (c) ... Tycherus Förster, 1869


8. Metasomal tergite 2 stout, less than 1.5x longer than apically wide (A); gastrocoeli deep, thyridiae concolourous with remainder of tergite (A); flagellum shorter than fore wing (B); malar space long (Mi > 0.5) (C) ... Diadromus Wesmael, 1845 [single species in Afrotropical region: Diadromus collaris (Gravenhorst, 1829)]


Metasomal tergite 2 elongate, more than 2x longer than apically wide (a); gastrocoeli very shallow, thyridiae lighter than remainder of tergite (a); flagellum slender, longer than fore wing (b); malar space very short (Mi < 0.5) (c)  ... Kibalus Rousse, van Noort & Diller, 2013



Rousse P, van Noort S & Diller E. 2013. Revision of the Afrotropical Phaeogenini (Ichneumonidae, Ichneumoninae), with description of a new genus and twelve new species. Zookeys 354: 1-85. http://dx.doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.354.5968.


Photographs © Pascal Rousse (Iziko South African Museum)

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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