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Crytea Cameron

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae; Subfamily: Ichneumoninae)

Crytea  Cameron, 1906. Type species: Crytea varicornis Cameron, 1906.

Crytea alba Heinrich, 1968

Crytea albicalcea Heinrich, 1968

  Crytea albifrons Heinrich, 1968
Crytea albitrochanterata (Heinrich, 1938)
  Crytea aliena Heinrich, 1968


 Crytea bigilvata Heinrich, 1968


Crytea brevistriata Heinrich, 1968


Crytea cavillosa (Tosquinet, 1896)

  Crytea cedrora Heinrich, 1968


Crytea ceta (Morley, 1917)

  Crytea cognata (Heinrich, 1938)
  Crytea deformis (Heinrich, 1938)


Crytea deutera Heinrich, 1968  

  Crytea dubia (Szépligeti, 1908)
  Crytea frequentior (Heinrich, 1938)


Crytea frontalis (Szépligeti, 1908)


Crytea fuscomaculata Cameron, 1906

  Crytea gabelincola Heinrich, 1968


Crytea gilvicornis Heinrich, 1968


Crytea graciliventer Heinrich, 1968

  Crytea guineana Heinrich, 1968
Crytea_hemerythraea_HOLOTYPE Crytea hemerythraea (Morley, 1917)


Crytea immaculaticeps Heinrich, 1968



Crytea leucotrochus (Kriechbaumer, 1894)

  Crytea lissogena Heinrich, 1968
  Crytea mbeyana Heinrich, 1968


Crytea melanothorax Heinrich, 1968


Crytea meruensis (Heinrich, 1936)

  Crytea mesomelas Heinrich, 1968
  Crytea mesoxantha (Szépligeti, 1908)


Crytea nairobiensis (Heinrich, 1936)  


Crytea novanana Heinrich, 1968

  Crytea nyassae Heinrich, 1968
Crytea_phorcys_HOLOTYPE Crytea phorcys (Morley, 1917)


Crytea plagiceps (Kriechbaumer, 1894)    

  Crytea proletes (Heinrich, 1938)
  Crytea pumilio (Heinrich, 1938)

Crytea quadrigilvata Heinrich, 1968

  Crytea sublunifer (Morley, 1919)


Crytea superbula Heinrich, 1968


Crytea townesi Heinrich, 1968

Crytea_tricolor_HOLOTYPE Crytea tricolor (Kriechbaumer, 1894)
  Crytea tricolorata Heinrich, 1968

Crytea tsitsikamae Heinrich, 1968


Crytea varicornis Cameron, 1906



Afrotropical region: Guinea, Sierre Leone, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar, South Africa.

Palaearctic region: Algeria, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Madeira Islands, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.


Hosts: Aletia pallens (Noctuidae), Despressaria heracliana (Despessariidae).


Cameron, P. 1906. Descriptions of new species of parasitic Hymenoptera chiefly in the collection of the South African Museum, Cape Town. Annals of the South African Museum 5: 17-186.

Rousse, P. & Villemant, C. 2012. Ichneumons in Reunion Island: a catalogue of the local Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) species, including 15 new taxa and a key to species. Zootaxa 3278: 1–57.


Photographs © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa) or by Agničle Touret-Alby © MNHN (specimens database http://coldb.mnhn.fr).
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