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of the Afrotropical Region

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Ichneumonidae)

Cremastinae Förster, 1869. Type genus: Cremastus Gravenhorst, 1829.

Belesica Waterston, 1929

Cremastus Gravenhorst, 1829


Eucremastus Szépligeti, 1905

Eurygenys Townes, 1971

Fafana Rousse, Villemant & Seyrig, 2012


Noxocremastus Townes, 1971

Pimplomorpha Cameron, 1906

Pristomerus Curtis, 1836

Ricrena Cameron, 1906


Temelucha Förster, 1869

Trathala Cameron, 1899




Endoparasitoids (Koinobiont) of butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) and sometimes beetle (Coleoptera) larva living in concealed situations such as tunnels, buds, galls or leaf rolls.

Diagnosis Clypeus separated from face by a groove. Ventro-posterior corner of propleuron with a strongly produced lobe touching or overlapping pronotum. Meso- and metatibial spurs separated from tarsomere 1 by a sclerotized bridge. Metasomal tergite I with spiracle near apex. Metasoma strongly compressed laterally. Ovipositor always longer than apical height of metasoma, with dorsal subapical notch. Face usually pale.
Diversity 800 species in 35 genera.


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Photographs © Simon van Noort or Aisha Mayekiso or Pascal Rousse (Iziko Museums of South Africa) or by Agnièle Touret-Alby © MNHN (specimens database http://coldb.mnhn.fr).

Acaenitinae; Anomaloninae; Banchinae; Brachycyrtinae; Sisyrostolinae; Campopleginae; Cremastinae; Cryptinae; Ctenopelmatinae; Diplazontinae; Eucerotinae; Ichneumoninae; Lycorininae; Mesochorinae; Metopiinae; Ophioninae; Orthocentrinae; Pimplinae; Rhyssinae; Tersilochinae; Tryphoninae; Xoridinae

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