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Zeuxevania Kieffer

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Evanioidea; Family: Evaniidae)

Zeuxevania Kieffer, 1902. Type species: Evania dinarica Schletterer, 1889 by monotypy.

Papatuka Deans, 2002. Type species: Papatuka alamunyiga Deans, 2002 by monotypy and original designation. Synonymy by Sharnaowski et al 2019.




Zeuxevania alamunyiga (Deans, 2002)


Zeuxevania annulicornis (Turner, 1927)


Zeuxevania aurata (Benoit, 1950) )


Zeuxevania bisulcata (Kieffer, 1911)


Zeuxevania broomi (Cameron, 1906)


Zeuxevania capensis (Schletterer, 1886)


Zeuxevania emarginata (Kieffer, 1911)

  Zeuxevania globiceps Enderlein, 1903
  Zeuxevania lamellata Benoit, 1952
  Zeuxevania longicornis Kieffer, 1910

Zeuxevania longitarsis (Kieffer, 1904)


Zeuxevania madegassa (Benoit, 1952)

  Zeuxevania mangbetuana Benoit, 1949

Zeuxevania meridionalis (Cameron, 1906)


Zeuxevania punctatissima (Kieffer, 1911)


Zeuxevania sanquineiceps (Turner, 1927)


Zeuxevania schoenlandi (Cameron, 1905)

  Zeuxevania tenuistilus Enderlein, 1903
  Zeuxevania variabilis Benoit, 1952
Zeuxevania species


Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda.


Predators of cockroach eggs. Evaniids oviposit into the concealed egg cases (ootheca) and the larvae feed on the eggs and pupate inside the ootheca.


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