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Eurytoma Illiger

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Chalcidoidea; Family: Eurytomidae)

Eurytoma Illiger, 1807. Type species: Chalcis abrotani Panzer 1801, by subsequent designation.

Eurytoma species


Eurytoma acaciacola Hedqvist, 1967


Eurytoma acaciae Risbec, 1951


Eurytoma acuminata Masi, 1940

Eurytoma aloineae (Burks, 1958)


Eurytoma altiventris Masi, 1940


Eurytoma apantelesi Risbec, 1951


Eurytoma aphloiae Risbec, 1952


Eurytoma apionidis Risbec, 1951


Eurytoma arabica Risbec, 1951


Eurytoma attiva Burks, 1958


Eurytoma basilewskyi Risbec, 1957


Eurytoma biumbae Risbec, 1957


Eurytoma congolense Delucchi, 1956


Eurytoma crotolariae Risbec, 1951


Eurytoma diopsisi Risbec, 1956


Eurytoma electa Crosby, 1909


Eurytoma elongatula Silvestri, 1915


Eurytoma enicospilusi Risbec, 1952

Eurytoma erythrinae Gates & Delvare, 2008


Eurytoma ficusgallae Bouček, 1981


Eurytoma galeati Girault, 1916


Eurytoma ivohibei Risbec, 1957


Eurytoma lepidopterae Risbec, 1951


Eurytoma natalensis Cameron, 1907


Eurytoma obesa Risbec, 1957


Eurytoma oleae Silvestri, 1915


Eurytoma oliphantis Hedqvist, 1976


Eurytoma orseoliphaga Delvare, 1988


Eurytoma palliditarsis Cameron, 1911


Eurytoma perineti Risbec, 1952


Eurytoma piezotracheli Rasplus, 1988


Eurytoma plectroniae (Risbec, 1952)


Eurytoma pletiodropa Delvare, 1988


Eurytoma poredipleta Delvare, 1988


Eurytoma radicicola Risbec, 1952


Eurytoma reunionensis Risbec, 1957


Eurytoma risbecomaphaga Rasplus, 1988


Eurytoma spermophaga Silvestri, 1915


Eurytoma striatula Cameron, 1905


Eurytoma tenebrica Crosby, 1909


Eurytoma testaceitarsis (Cameron, 1905)


Eurytoma toddaliae Risbec, 1952


Eurytoma tolidepepra Delvare, 1988


Eurytoma transvaalensis Cameron, 1911


Eurytoma varicolor Silvestri, 1915


Eurytoma verbena Ferrière, 1931

Distribution Worldwide.
Biology Phytophagous (as seed predators or gallers); or parasitoids of wide range of insects; or inquilines feeding on both the host insect and surrounding plant tissue.


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van den Bosch K, van Noort S & Cron GV.  2019. Predation of fruit and seed of Aloe pretoriensis – a little known effect on reproductive output. Austral Ecology https://doi.org/10.1111/aec.12705


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