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Philanthus Fabricius

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Apoidea; Family: Crabronidae; Subfamily: Philanthinae)

Philanthus Fabricius, 1790. Type species: Philanthus coronatus Fabricius, 1790 [= Sphex coronatus Thunberg, 1784], designated by Shuckard, 1837.


Philanthus adamsoni Arnold, 1952 (Kenya)

Philanthus albopictus Taschenberg, 1880 (Ethiopia)

Philanthus amabilis Arnold, 1946 (Tanzania)

Philanthus basilewskyi Leclercq, 1955 (Rwanda)

Philanthus bimacula de Saussure, 1891 (Madagascar)

Philanthus bredoi Arnold, 1946 (Tanzania)

Philanthus capensis Dahlbom, 1845 (South Africa)

Philanthus capensis nordicus Leclercq, 1962 (Tanzania)

Philanthus dichrous abyssinicus Arnold, 1925 (Ethiopia)

Philanthus dichrous dolosus Kohl, 1894 (Congo)

Philanthus femoralis Arnold, 1946 (Zambia)

Philanthus flagellarius R.Turner, 1918 (Tanzania)

Philanthus flavipes Arnold, 1949 (Zambia)

Philanthus foveatus Arnold, 1933 (Zaire)

Philanthus fuscipennis consimilis Kohl, 1891 (South Africa)

Philanthus fuscipennis laetus Gribodo, 1895 (Mozambique)

Philanthus gwaaiensis Arnold, 1929 (Zimbabwe)

Philanthus histrio distinctus Arnold, 1951 (Ethiopia)

Philanthus impatiens Kohl, 1891 (South Africa)

Philanthus limatus Bingham, 1909 (Uganda)

Philanthus loeflingi Dahlbom, 1845 (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Yemen, Zimbabwe.)


Philanthus madagascariensis Brčthes, 1892 (Madagascar)

Philanthus major Kohl, 1891 (South Africa)

Philanthus melanderi Arnold, 1925 (South Africa)

Philanthus namaqua Arnold, 1925 (South Africa)

Philanthus natalensis Arnold, 1925 (South Africa)

Philanthus nigrohirtus R.Turner, 1918 (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda)

Philanthus nigrohirtus calvus R.Turner, 1918 (Zambia)

Philanthus nitidus Magretti, 1884 (Ethiopia)

Philanthus oraniensis Arnold, 1925 (South Africa)

Philanthus pilifrons Cameron, 1908 (Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa)

Philanthus pilifrons xanthogaster Cameron, 1908 (Kenya)

Philanthus promontorii Arnold, 1925 (South Africa)

Philanthus radamae Arnold, 1945 (Madagascar)

Philanthus rubidus Arnold, 1932 (Ethiopia)

Philanthus rugosifrons Arnold, 1949 (Zambia)

Philanthus rugosus Kohl, 1891 (South Africa)

Philanthus sparsipunctatus Arnold, 1946 (Zambia)

Philanthus strigulosus R.Turner, 1918 (South Africa)

Philanthus stygius Gerstaecker in Peters, 1858 (Mozambique)

Philanthus stygius atronitens Arnold, 1925 (Zimbabwe)

Philanthus taantes Gribodo, 1895 (Mozambique)

Philanthus tenellus Arnold, 1925 (Zimbabwe)

Philanthus triangulum (Fabricius, 1775) (Widespread in Afrotropical & Palaearctic regions)


Philanthus turneri Arnod, 1925 (South Africa)

Philanthus variolosus Arnold, 1932 (Ethiopia)


Afrotropical, Nearctic, Neotropical (Cuba & Central America), Oriental and Palaearctic regions. Absent from South America and Australia.


Nest in small to large aggregations in bare, sandy soil. Nests are provisioned with bees or wasps.


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