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Xylocopa Latreille

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Apoidea; Family: Apidae; Subfamily: Xtylocopinae; Subfamily: Xylocopini)

Xylocopa Latreille, 1802


Xylocopa aethiopica Pérez

Xylocopa africana (Fabricius)

  • Xylocopa africana congoensis Enderlein

  • Xylocopa africana conradti Enderlein

  • Xylocopa africana longjinensis Strand

Xylocopa albiceps Fabricius

Xylocopa albifrons Lepeletier

Xylocopa alticola (Cockerell)

Xylocopa apicalis Smith

Xylocopa asaccula (LeVeque)

Xylocopa aurorea Friese

Xylocopa bequaerti (Cockerell)

Xylocopa biangulata Vachal

Xylocopa bicarinata Alfken

Xylocopa bouyssoui Vachal

Xylocopa braunsi Dusmet y Alonso

Xylocopa caffra Linnaeus, 1767

Xylocopa calcarata (LeVeque)

Xylocopa calens Lepeletier

  • Xylocopa calens malagassa Saussure

  • Xylocopa calens atripyga Strand

Xylocopa caloptera Pérez

Xylocopa capensis Spinola

Xylocopa capitata Smith

  • Xylocopa capitata khuzibiegensis Vicidomini

Xylocopa chapini (LeVeque)

Xylocopa chiyakensis (Cockerell)

Xylocopa citrina Friese

Xylocopa claripennis Friese

Xylocopa cloti Vachal

Xylocopa codinai Dusmet y Alonso

Xylocopa combusta Smith

Xylocopa conradsiana Friese

Xylocopa cornigera Friese

Xylocopa cribrata Pérez

Xylocopa dibongoano Hedicke

Xylocopa distinguenda Pérez

Xylocopa ditypa Vachal

Xylocopa dolosa Vachal

Xylocopa duala Strand

Xylocopa erlangeri Enderlein

Xylocopa erythrina Gribodo

  • Xylocopa erythrina fulleborni Enderlein

  • Xylocopa erythrina albohirta Friese

Xylocopa escalerai Dusmet y Alonso

Xylocopa euxantha Cockerell

  • Xylocopa euxantha euchrysea Cockerell

Xylocopa fenestrata (Fabricius)

  • Xylocopa fenestrata mauritii Maa

Xylocopa fervens Lepeletier

Xylocopa flavicollis (DeGeer)

Xylocopa flavorufa (DeGeer)

  • Xylocopa flavorufa kristenseni Friese

  • Xylocopa flavorufa harrarensis Vachal

Xylocopa forsiusi Dusmet y Alonso

Xylocopa fortissima Cockerell

Xylocopa fulva Friese

Xylocopa gabonica (Gribodo)

Xylocopa ganglbaueri Maidl

Xylocopa gaullei Vachal

Xylocopa graueri Maidl

Xylocopa gribodoi Magretti

Xylocopa haefligeri Friese

Xylocopa hottentotta Smith

  • Xylocopa hottentotta usambarensis Strand

  • Xylocopa hottentotta barombiana Strand

  • Xylocopa hottentotta namutonensis Strand

  • Xylocopa hottentotta fulvopilosa Friese

  • Xylocopa hottentotta ukerewensis Strand

  • Xylocopa hottentotta alpina Friese

  • Xylocopa hottentotta aurantia Cockerell

Xylocopa hyalinipennis Friese

Xylocopa ignescens (LeVeque)

Xylocopa imitator Smith

  • Xylocopa imitator nigriceps Friese

Xylocopa incandescens (Cockerell)

Xylocopa inconstans Smith

Xylocopa inquirenda Vachal

Xylocopa insola Vachal

Xylocopa io Vachal

Xylocopa isabelleae Hurd

Xylocopa kamerunensis Vachal

Xylocopa langi (LeVeque)

Xylocopa lateritia Smith

Xylocopa lautipennis (Cockerell)

Xylocopa lepeletieri Enderlein

  • Xylocopa lepeletieri ruboris Strand

Xylocopa leucothoracoides Maidl

Xylocopa longespinosa Enderlein

Xylocopa longula Friese

Xylocopa lugubris Gerstaecker

Xylocopa luteola Lepeletier

Xylocopa merceti Dusmet y Alonso

Xylocopa mirabilis Hurd & Moure

Xylocopa mixta Radoszkowski

Xylocopa modesta Smith

  • Xylocopa modesta denasata Strand

  • Xylocopa modesta miniata Friese

Xylocopa montana Enderlein

Xylocopa nigrella Hurd

Xylocopa nigricans Vachal

Xylocopa nigricaula (LeVeque)

Xylocopa nigripes Friese

Xylocopa nigrita (Fabricius)

  • Xylocopa nigrita vertexalbula Vicidomini

Xylocopa nyassica Enderlein

Xylocopa oblonga Smith

Xylocopa obscurata Smith

Xylocopa obscuritarsis Friese

Xylocopa olivacea (Fabricius)

Xylocopa orthosiphonis (Cockerell)

Xylocopa oudemansi (LeVeque)

Xylocopa perpunctata (LeVeque)

Xylocopa pilosa Friese

Xylocopa praeusta Smith

  • Xylocopa praeusta liberiensis (Cockerell)

Xylocopa preussi Enderlein

Xylocopa pseudoleucothorax Maidl

Xylocopa pubescens Spinola

Xylocopa punctifrons Cockerell

Xylocopa pusulata Vachal

Xylocopa rejecta Vachal

Xylocopa rufitarsis Lepeletier

Xylocopa schoana Enderlein

Xylocopa scioensis Gribodo

  • Xylocopa scioensis uluguruna Enderlein

Xylocopa senex Friese

Xylocopa senior Vachal

  • Xylocopa senior media Vachal

  • Xylocopa senior tricuspis Maidl

  • Xylocopa senior albopleuralis Friese

  • Xylocopa senior clitelligera Friese

Xylocopa sicheli Vachal

Xylocopa sphinx Vachal

Xylocopa stadelmanni Vachal

Xylocopa stanleyi (LeVeque)

Xylocopa steindachneri Maidl

Xylocopa subcombusta (LeVeque)

Xylocopa subjuncta Vachal

Xylocopa suspiciosa Vachal

Xylocopa sycophanta Pérez

Xylocopa tanganyikae Strand

Xylocopa tenkeana Cockerell

Xylocopa tesselata Maa

Xylocopa togoensis Enderlein

Xylocopa torrida (Westwood)

  • Xylocopa torrida gramineipennis Friese

Xylocopa trochanterica Vachal

Xylocopa ustulata Smith

Xylocopa varipes Smith

  • Xylocopa varipes parva Enderlein

  • Xylocopa varipes melanotrichia Strand

  • Xylocopa varipes atritarsis (Cockerell)

  • Xylocopa varipes perfusca Cockerell

Xylocopa villosa Friese

Xylocopa vittata Enderlein

Xylocopa watmoughi Eardley

Xylocopa wellmani Cockerell




Carpenter bees bore tunnels into wood to construct a nest, which they provision with a mixture of pollen and nectar sculptured into an elongate shape. This acts as a food source for their developing larvae. A number of partitions (each containing a single larva) may be constructed within the tunnel, the partitions are made out of chewed wood.


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Photograph of living Xylocopa © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

Photograph of banner Xylocopa © Laurence Packer's website: Bee Tribes of the World

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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